Behaviour Secrets to Achieve Anything:


"Times of India calls him, "The Highlight of any Event."

MensXP magazine calls him, "a force to reckon with."

MOHIT RAO is a Mind Reader. He has predicted the closing of the BSE SENSEX, used Telepathy to drive a car blindfolded, Hypnotized over 25,000 people and performed for over 250 of the Worlds biggest Corporates, in 8 Countries in 3 Continents. 

ON STAGE: His Show "THE MIND READERS OF MARBLE ARCH" is based on his 'Past-Life Experience'. The only such Show in the world!

ONLINE: His Interactive Session is a phenomenal Experience:

Goal: Reveal secret Mind-Techniques to

a. Use our Mind to full potential 

b. Work better with other people 

c. Thereby achieve our own goals

PRE-SESSION:  Participants email us their DOB & Fav. City,

receive a Personalized sub-conscious Mind Analysis.

THE SESSION: (approx 40 mins.)

+ Visualisation: Unlock the power of "Baby Steps"

+ Physiology Technique: Confidence in 3 Seconds

+ Meeting Hack: “Anchoring”: Sell anyone anything

+ Objections Handling: “Mirroring” our “Lizard Brain”

+ Hypnosis: Experience the “The Waterfall” Exercise

+ Dreams: Deepest view of our Subconscious Mind

POST-SESSION: Book recommendations on all the Topics.

Teaser Videos (1 min.)

Use "Physiology"

BOOST Confidence, anytime anywhere.

"Baby Steps"

The Real Secret to achieving anything.

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