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Why Mohit Rao?

They. Wont. Blink.


Shows so Motivational, Interactive & Engaging, that unless someone has a heart-attack, they wont leave the edge-of-their-seat #TrueStory 

Proven. Applauded. Worldwide.


 Predicted the BSE Sensex, Hypnotized 25000 people, Performed for 200+ of the biggest  best Brands, in 8 Countries across 3 Continents. 

Customized. To Your Event.


Mind Reading Acts tweaked to your Industry, personal sessions for every attendee, 'UV' Branded wristbands, customised Show outfits.

Why This Show?

Only Show based on a Past Life

Set in 1884 AD, you 'meet' the 4 amazing Psychic he met in his Past Life; Experience the same Secrets they taught him about our Mind

Interactive. Motivational. Entertainment

Experience Psychic Mind Reading, witness thought transfer, solve a 140 year old Murder, nail-biting Russian Roulette with 6 guns...

BONUS: For Corporate Events

A Show unlike any other, with Customizations that have never been seen before. Designed to etch your Event in your Attendees Mind, forever. 

VIDEO: Show Teaser (1 min)

VIDEO: Audience Reviews (2 mins)

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