Why Mohit Rao?


They. Wont. Blink.

Proven. Applauded. Worldwide.

Proven. Applauded. Worldwide.

Shows so Motivational, Interactive & Engaging, that unless someone has a heart-attack, they wont leave the edge-of-their-seat #TrueStory 


Proven. Applauded. Worldwide.

Proven. Applauded. Worldwide.

Proven. Applauded. Worldwide.

 Predicted the BSE Sensex, Hypnotized 25000 people, Performed for 200+ of the biggest  best Brands, in 8 Countries across 3 Continents. 


Customized. To Your Event.

Proven. Applauded. Worldwide.

Customized. To Your Event.

Mind Reading Acts tweaked to your Industry, personal sessions for every attendee, 'UV' Branded wristbands, customised Show outfits.

Why This Show?

Only Show based on a Past Life

Set in 1884 AD, you 'meet' the 4 amazing Psychic he met in his Past Life; Experience the same Secrets they taught him about our Mind

Interactive. Motivational. Entertainment

Experience Psychic Mind Reading, witness thought transfer, solve a 140 year old Murder, nail-biting Russian Roulette with 6 guns...

BONUS: For Corporate Events

A Show unlike any other, with Customizations that have never been seen before. Designed to etch your Event in your Attendees Mind, forever. 

Lets Talk. Lets Rock.

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