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About Mohit Rao

As a Mind Reader & Mentalist, Mohit Rao has performed Shows for over 200+ of the Worlds finest Corporate & Private Events, for the past 7 years, across 8 Countries. He lives in Mumbai, India, and is passionate about taking his audience on amazing journeys into their Mind.

Corporate Show Specialist

 After amazing reactions to our Show "The Wolf Of Dalal Street", presenting a Show designed to make your Event remembered forever, with 6 amazing VALUE ADDITIONS. See below.

VALUE 1: "Pichla Janam"

The Only Show in the World, based on a Past Life Experience. 

Set in London, 1884 A.D. "meet" the Psychics Mohit Rao met in an earlier Lifetime; experience the same baffling Secrets they taught him.

This Show can be performed in English, or Hindi.


ACT 1: Stokes' Telepathy

She was the first person to meet Mohit Rao in his Past Life and taught him Body Language secrets & Telepathy. You as an Audience will participate in those same baffling Telepathic Experiments.


ACT 2: Wattles' Prediction

 150 years ago, 4 female suspects were caught, 1 of them was a Serial Killer terrorizing London city. After hearing the actual details of this case, You find the mystery Killer using the power of Intuition. 

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ACT 3: Brentano's Mind Reading

Mohit Rao selects complete strangers from your Audience, Reads their Mind to reveal some amazing details about their life. Nothing controversial, just some fun facts. This Act alone is worth the cost of the Show!


ACT 4: Franklin's Intuition

William Franklin burst through the door to reveal 6 Guns; 5 unloaded, 1 loaded. He challenged us Mind Readers to read his Mind and see which gun was loaded. Prepare to sit at the edge-of-your-seat. 

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VALUE 2: "Ah! Rosy in Bangkok?"

Mohit Rao will read Minds based on your Industry. For Example, if you are a Travel Company, he will reveal their Last Vacation destination. This customised Act itself, is worth the price of the Show!


VALUE 3: "Free Free Free"

 At the Mega-Finale, the entire audience realizes the bands on their hand, glow with a Motivational-Prediction of a revelation during the Show & your Company logo. This gift they will keep, for a very long time.

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Bonus: "Aiyo, Ranveer Singh"

Imagine a Suit customised with your Logo/Product/Event Theme. In just ten days, we could create for Mohit Rao to wear.Outrageous &  extremely memorable for your Event. 

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Bonus: "Jeeto iPhone11"

 The sharpest Mind at my upcoming Shows, will WIN a Brand New iPhone11! Mohit Rao will gift this sharp phone to the sharpest Mind, he Reads. T&C apply; Book our Show now before we change our Mind.

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